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    PRO-HUNT Alliance General Rules Empty PRO-HUNT Alliance General Rules

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    Warnings or second chances are at the discretion of our Alliance Leaders. If Ichor members are caught breaking any rules they risk being kicked! Should you find any Ichor member breaking any of these rules please a Screenshot to any Leader of Ichor.

    Rules highlighted in blue define rules that have been created or edited since the last update.

    In English:

    General Rules:
    1. Don't throw around the Alliance name to make yourself look the bigger person.
    2. Be active and give 100% effort in a given situation.
    3. Personal grudges need not drag down the whole Alliance, depending on discretion of your Guild Leader. Talk to them before starting any problem.
    4. Do not post on GMO with information regarding our Alliance.
    5. Respect your fellow Alliance members. Any troubles talk to a Guild Leader first. Even in argument, use reason and not badmouthing. In disrespecting your fellow members you will be asked by a Guild Leader to apologize. Failure to do so in due time will result in being removed from the Alliance.
    6. If someone is Afk and is out of mana or arrows and kills slow, don't assume the spot is yours. Respect others.
    7. We allow partying with an enemy alliance but you will be considered as an enemy party. You will risk getting PK'd/KS'd by your fellow Alliance members. You are not permitted to PK back.
    8. After server maintenance, all spots are considered free on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    9. After a server crash, you will have several minutes to reclaim a spot. If you have lost your spot, talk to your fellow Alliance member and request that he return it to you. If refused, accept it gracefully.

    PK/KS Rules:
    1. All Alliance members must not be Outlaw status during Castle Siege.
    2. Do not PK Afk people without justifiable reasoning.
    3. Mass PK at Gate areas only.
    4. Do not badmouth while PK'ing. Winning PK is the best reward. Stay Quiet. If anyone disgraces the guild by using profanity to non Alliance people, enemy or otherwise, they will be kicked.
    5. Defend yourself at all times, it is ok to kill someone of Outlaw status.
    6. Try to avoid KS wars. Tell any situation to a Guild Leader before dragging your whole guild or Alliance into a situation they do not want.

    LoT Rules:
    1. Only the assigned Guild can be in Blue Zone on their given time slot of 48 hours. You must leave immediately when your time period is over. This is limited to guild by guild, with no exceptions.
    2. There will be a Red Zone where all 4 other guilds of the Alliance can go at any time to peacefully hunt and train.
    3. Strictly no PK/KS. Respect spot ownership in LoT.
    4. No luring of any kind is allowed.
    5. There will be no transition period as before. If someone is Afk and their time is over for Blue Zone, try and whisper them first and wait for a reply. With no reply after due time, you are entitled to have them PK'd. If you are Afk when your time is over, you can expect to be removed from the spot by force.
    6. The LoT map boss, Erohim, spawns every 12 hours in the Red Zone. It can only be killed by the LoT Guild of that day. Report it to that guild in alliance chat when found. The 4 Guilds within Red Zone should not disturb Erohim hunts.
    7. Please try to party all members of your Guild and keep your party numbers high. You won't be allowed to party with your friends in other guilds so make use of your own guild EE's and BK when possible. If you are having difficulties finding a party, you can try posting here in the Hunters Lodge or request one of your Guild Leaders to assign you to a party.

    Set item Rules:
    1. The item will be sold according to the Price Guide which will be updated bi-weekly to keep up with the market changes. This price guide is a % reduction of normal current market price values. This is to benefit everyone in our alliance and obtain that set faster!
    2. Items of value less than 10 Bless can be sold outside of the Alliance without posting in the forum here, or advertising in Alliance chat. You can sell or give to who and however you wish. Posting these items within the Alliance forum is still supported.
    3. Lesser valuable items that are only worth 1 or 2 Bless can be sold for jewels, or Zen. The Zen might be needed for purchasing your Lord Mix item.
    4. Using anonymous market characters or forum accounts to cheat the system and cheat your own Alliance will not be tolerated!
    5. First priority to buying an item is given to the class that can use that particular item. The character has to be in Alliance and not your second or third character.

    Lord Mix Rules:
    1. For making Lord Mix items, we need 30 Bless, 30 Soul, 30 JoG, and 1 Billion zen each day. It is important as such that all bids on Excellent Lord Mix items contain this as a minimal amount.
    2. All JoG need to be passed to your Guild Leaders to go to the Alliance GM.
    3. Castle upgrade is the first priority in securing the Castle for long term, and is the most important use for JoGs.
    4. The Alliance GM will make the Lord Mix item each day. If you do not submit enough JoG, the Alliance will not have their Lord Mix item created. Each guild must then collect JoG during their time in LoT to avoid this.
    5. In making an item we will post a Screenshot onto the new section of this forum entitled Lord Mix Items.
    6. There will be a new post for each Lord Mix item created. Items made are subject to all in the Alliance to offer on. Bidding your level occurs only for Lord Mix items that fit your character type.
    7. 'High End' Lord Mix items will involve a 'Bid Level' that accounts for your total involvement in all Castle Siege, length of time in Ichor Alliance, and character level.
    8. The length of time in the Ichor Alliance will be judged by the registration date of the Alliance forum.
    9. The Alliance Masters reserve the right to overrule the bidding and distribute the Lord Mix item to whoever he or she sees fit. This ensure a fair outcome for all in special circumstances.
    10. Excess jewels profited at any point from Lord Mix item bids will be pooled for the benefit of the Alliance.
    11. Lord Mix items are strictly not allowed to be sold outside of the Alliance.

    Forum Rules:
    1. For security purposes please ensure that your account name is identifiable with your character. Contact a forum Administrator if you require a change of name.
    2. Providing your account for public access is strictly disallowed. The account will be deleted and you will be removed from the Alliance in doing so.

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